Andrea Eckert
Andrea Eckert
© Janine Guldener

Wolfgang Kluge
Wolfgang Kluge
© Claudia Heysel

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
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Programme 2017


Saturday, 25 February 2017

7.00 p.m., Play with music in the
Anhaltisches Theater Dessau

The Pirate Jenny Premiere
An evening about Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill

Conductor: Wolfgang Kluge
Stage direction:
Hermann Beil
Andrea Eckert
Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra Dessau

Would Lotte Lenya have expected it? In 2017 theatre director Hermann Beil tells of the wayward and fascinating life of Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer, better known as Lotte Lenya, and her great love for Kurt Weill. After a difficult childhood in Vienna, the young multi-talented Lenya headed out to make her mark in the world. In the bustling capital Berlin she got to know and fell in love with the still unknown composer Kurt Weill. The early years of success in the Weimar Republic were happy ones during which Lotte Lenya performed the role of Pirate Jenny and many other of her husband's female characters. After a brief separation, their paths crossed once again as émigrés in the USA. On Broadway Lotte Lenya not only played lead roles in Weill's stage works but was also in much demand by other composers. Following the early death of her husband, one of her greatest acts was to set up the Kurt Weill Foundation in New York, which until today does such valuable work. Lotte Lenya's career continued unabated: She performed important roles in the film From Russia with Love and in the premiere of the musical Cabaret. Weill once said of his wife: "She cannot read music, but when she sings the people listen as if she were Caruso."

How wonderful that, time and again, the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau provides us with great productions on Kurt Weill and the themes of the Classic Modernist period!

again on 01.03.2017 - V19

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