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Frank Peinemann
Michael Villmow
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Johanniskirche Dessau
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Programme 2017


Saturday, 11 March 2017

9.30 p.m., Jazz concert in the
Johanniskirche Dessau

Verley uns Frieden (Give us peace)
BuJazzO and the sounds of the Reformation

Musical director: Michael Villmow
Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Youth Orchestra
of Germany

"Give peace in our time, O Lord. There is none other than You, our God, who can intercede on our behalf." This Latin hymn (translated into German by Martin Luther) prompted the Jazz Youth Orchestra of Germany to commission a new composition to celebrate the Reformation jubilee year.

But what did the word "peace" really mean to Martin Luther? His recipe for reforming the church led to numerous conflicts. For example, the revolutionary preacher Thomas Müntzer radicalized Luther's theses on the freedom of the individual, abusing his ideas to promote armed struggle. These divisions in the church remain until today. Are we to rely on God to restore peace? The new composition explores these questions as well as the multifaceted life of Martin Luther.

Guests to the Kurt Weill Festival can enjoy one of the first performances of this work. The highly talented musicians of BuJazzO will certainly have the chance to display their considerable skills when they perform at the highest musical level. An ensemble of 10 singers will join the orchestra in order to highlight the power of language in the great reformer's work.

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