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Stephen Layton
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Marienkirche Dessau
Marienkirche Dessau
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Marienkirche Dessau
Marienkirche Dessau
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Programme 2017


Saturday, 11 March 2017

5.00 p.m., Concert in the
Marienkirche Dessau

Reformation and Revolution

Choral works by Ugis Praulins, William Byrd,
Thomas Tallis, Vytautas Miskinis, Eriks Esenvalds
and Paweł Łukaszewski

Musical director: Stephen Layton
MDR Radio Chorus

The composers are unfamiliar and their music is not part of the standard repertoire. Yet, as part of the MDR ensembles' artistic residency, the programme of the MDR Radio Chorus describes great revolutions and important epochs. In so doing they whet our appetite for unknown treasures. The terms Reformation and Revolution stand for controversial ideals and for real (or imagined) progress. One example from the Reformation is the identification of Protestantism with progress and Catholicism with reactionary thinking, a division that is reflected in their respective musical outlooks.

The modern age was heralded at the end of the Cold War by music of the "singing revolution" in the Baltic states: During the time of Soviet rule the repressed peoples sought freedom through community singing – in the end successfully. The Radio Chorus will prove itself not only an excellent partner of leading orchestras but also that its a cappella performances are of the utmost perfection.

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