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Hall of the Elbe-Werk in Roßlau
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Hall of the Elbe-Werk in Roßlau
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Programme 2017


Friday, 10 March 2017

7.30 p.m., Jazz concert the
Hall of the Elbe-Werk in Roßlau

Planet 9
New jazz sounds from Berlin

Music by women composers of the Jazz Institute Berlin
Students of the Jazz Institute Berlin, the "Hanns Eisler"
College of Music Berlin and the Berlin University of the Arts

The universe with all its vastness, strange planets and unknown sounds: Drawing inspiration from the still little known Planet Nine of our solar system, students at the Jazz Institute Berlin will shine a light on contemporary tonal worlds. Talented women composers who inhabit the 13 moons orbiting this planet have created a programme of interplanetary travel featuring music that addresses current topics of societal progress such as feminism, human rights and gender equality. The pieces are thus firmly in the tradition of Martin Luther, Moses Mendelssohn and Kurt Weill, each of whom considered the relationship of the individual to the respective social environment in their various epochs.

For Kurt Weill jazz was an important means to explore the developments of his time as well as to highlight the schism between conservative and progressive forces. It is a great pleasure for the Kurt Weill Festival to collaborate with one of Germany's leading jazz institutes in order to present brilliant young musicians. There is little doubt that we will all take a closer look at the night sky after this concert!

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