Leni Riefenstahl as Junta
© Archiv Riefenstahl

Leni Riefenstahl as Junta
© Archiv Riefenstahl

Altes Theater Dessau
Altes Theater Dessau
© Claudia Heysel

Programme 2017


Thursday, 9 March 2017

8.00 p.m., Cinema in the
Altes Theater Dessau

Das Blaue Licht
(1932; rated 12 years and over; in German)

Celluloid dreams

Directors: Leni Riefenstahl & Béla Balázs
Giuseppe Becce

So near to the terror: Leni Riefenstahl was a master of concealment, knowing how to place herself and the rulers of the Third Reich in the best possible light. The Hungarian Jew Béla Balázs wrote the screenplay to her debut film as director, the mystical mountain drama "The Blue Light". The film was warmly received by Hitler and his henchmen, enabling the young woman's speedy ascent up the Nazi hierarchy. Balázs, in contrast, was ostracized, dispossessed and forced to disappear from Germany's cultural life, all with the full support of Riefenstahl. The memory of his fate should help to ensure that such forms of social exclusion are never repeated.

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