Nathan der Weise - Filmszene
Scene shot
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Nathan der Weise - Filmszene
Carl De Vogt and
Werner Krauß (Nathan)
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Kiez Dessau
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Programme 2017


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

8.30 p.m., Film in the
Kiez Kino Dessau

Nathan der Weise
(1922, FSK: 12 Jahre)

Regie: Manfred Noa
Willy Schmidt-Gentner

Full of respect and with great joy, two of the greatest Enlightenment thinkers and writers, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing and Moses Mendelssohn, met one another time and again. Lessing created his most important work "Nathan the Wise" as an homage to the achievements of Mendelssohn and his battle against the persecution and discrimination of the Jewish race. The Parable of the Ring (a major element of the work), set in Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades, is a prime example of enlightened humanism and the promotion of religious toleration.

The Kurt Weill Festival is screening this long-lost silent film from 1922 in a newly edited version, which until today argues the case for tolerance and understanding.

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