Nils Landgren
© Steven Haberland

Viktoria Tolstoy
Viktoria Tolstoy
© Jörg Grosse Geldermann

Leonard Bernstein at the piano, 1955
© Al Ravenna, World Telegram

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau
© Kai Bienert

Programme 2016


Sunday, 08.03.2015

5.00 p.m., Concert in the
Anhaltisches Theater Dessau

Time for Some Musicals with Nils
Best of the Best: Mendoza & Landgren am Broadway

Music by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim arranged byn Vince Mendoza
Trombone: Nils Landgren
Jan Lundgren
Bass: Dieter Ilg
Drums: Rasmus Kihlberg
Vocals: Viktoria Tolstoy

One of Nils Landgren's greatest characteristics is always to place his considerable virtuosity at the service of music. Thus the acclaim for his perfect and moving performances is also acclaim for the pieces he plays; audiences recognize not only the performer but also the composer.

After his tremendous residency at the 2009 Festival, regular visitors will not require a lengthy paean to the artistry and truly unique qualities of "Mr. Redhorn". And thus we turn to the music of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, opening the curtain on a great homage to Broadway, and two of its greatest figures in the era following Kurt Weill. Bernstein not only conducted the first American performance of the revised The Threepenny Opera; he also wrote unforgettable works such as West Side Story, Candide, Trouble in Tahiti or A Quiet Place. While most readers will already know the charismatic Bernstein, perhaps Stephen Sondheim, one of America's greatest lyricists and composers of musical theatre, will be something of a discovery. But if you have ever hummed along to Send in the Clowns, then you will already be aware of the work of thus unjustifiably lesser-known genius.

Nils Landgren once again displays his generous nature by expressing the wish to work with local musicians from Dessau for this festival appearance. Thus members of the Anhaltische Philharmonic Orchestra will lend sensitive support to "Time for some Musicals". Classical music and jazz, a felicitous Broadway mix. Kurt Weill would certainly agree that we shouldn't distinguish between high-brow and low-brow music, only between good and bad music!

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