Anja Schiffel
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Historic Eichenkranz Wörlitz
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Programme 2017


Sunday, 5 March 2017

11.00 a.m., Musical reading in the
historic Eichenkranz Wörlitz

The Freedom to Philosophize
Second part of a journey through time and music exploring the history of Saxony-Anhalt

Music by Johann Friedrich Reichardt,
Ludwig van Beethoven, Fanny Mendelssohn and
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Recitation: Anja Schiffel Text: Lars-Thade Ulrichs
Students of the "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy"
College of Music, Leipzig

From countries near and far, travellers, princes, scholars and the educated classes came to experience in reality the body of ideas being discussed as "Enlightenment" in Europe on the eve of the Revolution. This mix of tolerance, the safeguarding of individual freedoms as well as the latest reforms in schooling was to be found in the realm of Prince Franz von Anhalt-Dessau, the man also responsible for the construction of the Wörlitzer Garden Kingdom and the Eichenkranz. Among the many visitors to the guesthouse, which was completed in 1787, were the romantic poets Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder, Ludwig Tieck, Friedrich Hölderlin and Novalis. Today the historic Eichenkranz is once again a popular venue for cultural events and gatherings.

The perfect surroundings, in other words, to celebrate Moses Mendelssohn and the Enlightenment.

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